Moorland Safaris

1. What Currency is Acceptable?

Having the US dollars is most easy and recommendable, Just to let you know, Tanzania does not accept the notes printed before 2006, The ATM`s also are everywhere, for the cheap charges you can check with STANBIC BANK, Euro can be last option.

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2. Is my card Payment Secure?

We use pesapal services for Money transfers, they are safe

3. How to pay for my Safari?

for reservation you only need to pay 5% then the rest 95% to be payed on your day of arrivals, We use pesa pal service for money transfers, check the link below to find payment dashboard

4. How do i get Visa?

The cost of the most tourist Visa is 50$ pp and 100$ for US citizens, you can obtain your visa at the point of Entry (Border or Airport)

Also you can obtain your Visa online

5. What Vaccination is needed?

You need to be Vaccinated, we recommend you to have Covid-19, Malaria and Yellow fever vaccines

what is weather like in Tanzania?

The weather varies greatly, depending on where you are. Whatever time of the year you come, please bring some warm clothes! It gets really cold at some places because of the high altitude, especially in June, July, and August. It can also get very hot. We advice dressing in layers. Typically the long rains are on March, April, and May. The short rains are on November/ early December.

What should I pack? Luggage

Choose a Duffel bag or soft-sided bag. Ideally, the fabric should be hardly and waterproof also lockable. Put anything that is of any value in a separate day pack such as backpack. Anything of sentimental or monetary value should ideally left at home.


Pack for hot day and cool night. Tanzania can be hot and dusty by day but it is often cool and crisp by night. Layers are ideal for safari days. Pack clothes that are able to keep you cool but protect you from sun and biting insects. Choose mid-tone colors and avoid white or bright colors that may distract animals and dark colors like black and blue, these can attract Tsetse flies. the best color for safari classic are: Olive, Green, Khaki. For evening at lodge you can stay in your casual gear as even in luxury lodges do not expect smart wear out in the bush. Check the temperature before travel to make sure you have clothing that is warm enough for the season. It is always a good idea to bring a waterproof coat, in whatever season.


As you want to be careful not to over pack, you need to think carefully about what shoes to take. As long as you are not going on Safari the requires a lot of walking, you will be fine with some light hiking boots and some sport sandals ( Scandals are also great for walking around the camp at night) You may also like to take flip flops for showers.

Should I bring the First Aid Kit?

Yes! We recommend you bring a basic First Aid Kit. This is a suggested list of supplies; Sunscreen, A antihistamine Cream & Tablets, Nurofen or Equivalent painkillers, eye-drops, Anti Diarrhea Treatment, A couple of bandages, Medication for personal allergies/Asthma etc… Insect repellent,  Rehydration Sachets/Vitamin tablets, Assorted plasters.

Is it dangerous to go on Safari?

Many people worry about wild animals on Safari. Your guide will make sure that you always keep a safe distance. If the animal feels safe, it is extremely unlikely to attack you. If an animal feels threatened, however the situation can become dangerous. You should never shout or disturb the animal with loud noises. Do not try to approach or touch them., and do not throw an object at them. This may sound like the most obvious advice, but many accident happen because people behave in the wrong way. Many people also worry that an animal may come and attack the at night, especially when they are sleeping in the tent. The fear is understandable, but also unfounded. Again, an animal is most likely to attack when provoked. You are over a hundred times more to be injured or killed in a a car accident on your way to work. Even though you may hear a Lion or Hyena somewhere in the distance, they most certainly will not try chew their way into your tent, unless you are keeping a big piece of ham next to your bed. Keeping open and loose food stuff in the tent is not recommended and most likely it will attract Monkeys. 

I want to bring my children on safari. what age is suitable?

Officially,  you can bring children of any age to safari. That said, we will not recommend safaris for children under the age of 5. There will be some long hours in the vehicle and contact animal sightings are not guaranteed. it can be hot and dusty, and the roads may be bumpy, which is tiring even for adults. Sometimes, its the best idea to remain in one and the same spot for an hour or more, waiting quietly in the car until the Cheetah goes hunting, or until the Wildebeest cross the river.

What kind of accommodation can I expect?

Accommodation for Mid-range and luxury safaris is lodges/ tented camps. Accommodation on budget camping safaris is tents on the ground in public campsites.


Lodges are full facilities which private rooms or cottage with private bathroom and have restaurants and lounges. Some have swimming pools. Many lodges are architecture stunning made with local materials are inspired by local design and environment. Some lodges can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Tented Camps:

Tented camps are permanent or semi-permanent camp sites are excellent game viewing. These provide many of the comforts of a lodge within private spacious canvas tent on a solid permanent based with beds and private baths, and high-quality meals. Tented camps are more intimate than lodges as they generally accommodate 12 – 20 guests.

On basic camping safari guests sleep in private tents in designed campsite in or near national parks. Our safari crew set up the camp and prepares all meal. Washroom facilities are basic and are shared with other guests.


What type of food?

At the camps and tented lodges, chefs prepare fresh soup, breads, entrees and deserts daily, in most lodges, meals are served buffet-style. The food is often prepared with western palates in mind (some local dishes are included). On a camping safari, you will have your own private chef who will prepare all your meals. Your chef will be able to cater for different tastes e.g. western. local, or mixture.

Is it better to stay inside or outside Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA)

Accommodation inside Ngorongoro is limited and is significantly more expensive than staying outside. many of the hotels and lodges are on the crater rim and have spectacular view. Please note that you will be able to experience this view from one of the view-points. So you will not miss out on this if you stay outside.

Will there be access to Wi-Fi?

Most lodges and tents have free Wi-Fi. Most public camps do not have Wi-Fi, the signal strength is variable and is often weak. It is possible to buy a SIM card with data that can be used (in Arusha). If you want to use it in your phone, you will need to make sure that is unlocked. There are Vodacom and Airtel shops in Arusha that will be able to help/ advice with this.

Will I be able to charge my device in a safari vehicle?

All our safari vehicles have power/charging points. Please bring travel adaptor to ensure they are suitable for your appliance/devices. The vehicles and most accommodations in Tanzania uses UK sockets.

What safari vehicles do you use?

Our safari vehicles and Toyota Landcruiser 4x4s (with pop up roof). The vehicles are serviced and maintained to a very high standard before, during and after every safari.  The age of our vehicles in our fleet varies but most were built between 2008 and 2013

What happens if we breakdown?

If our vehicle does breakdown and it cant be fixed on the road, we will request a secure jeep which will come for your safari with minimum impact. Whilst every effort is made to prevent this from happening. The driving is rough and vehicles do take a quiet pounding.  

Is it possible to do a walking safari?

Yes! In Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Please ask your safari consultant for more information. If you book with Moorland Safaris, this is the only place you will be able to do walking a safari. Specialist tour operators offers walking safari in other National parks eg: Serengeti National Park and some other National Parks. 

Is it possible to do a night game drive?

It is possible to do a night game drives in Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park. Please ask youe tour consultant for more information.

Can I visit a Maasai Village?

It is possible to visit one of the several Maasai villages during your safari. However these villages are close to the main roads whilst you will meet many Maasai, have a tour around their village, and have opportunity to learn about their culture. Some clients have fed back that their experience felt a little uncomfortable. It costs 50$ per vehicle, and during the visit, you will be encouraged to buy some of their jewelry/crafts (this is by no means compulsory), It is inevitable that over time, the experience has become less authentic and we are in the process sourcing and alternative options for our clients. You are very welcome to visit, but we want to be open and transparent about the kind of experience you can currently expect.

Do I need to Tip?

There is a well established culture of tipping in Tanzania.

Guides: If you feel like you have received good service a typical tip is 15-20 US$ per person. The guides work extremely long hours and tips supplements their income significantly. Anything you can afford is appreciated.

Tipping in accommodation is also discretionary. Most accommodation have a tip box in reception. we would recommend putting something at the end of your stay, rather than giving individuals money. Depending on the level of service, we recommend 10$ per day (for a group of 2)

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